BSTBBrigade Special Troops Battalion (US DoD)
BSTBBerjaya Sports Toto Bhd. (Malaysia)
BSTBBlue Skies Turn Black (record label and concert promoter)
BSTBBillions of Stock Tank Barrels (oil)
BSTBBeauty Spoils the Boy (band)
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Shale gas and oil centre has been established to facilitate interested Exploration and Production (EandP) companies in tapping the recently identified 188 TCF gas and 58 BSTB oil technically recoverable resources in lower and middle Indus Basin.
Also, the BSTB support platoon was replaced by a forward support company.
Based on Stryker brigade after action reviews (AARs), transformed BCTs were given a BSTB commander and staff to assume all of the leadership responsibilities for what used to be the brigade's separate companies.
The 4-3 BSTB SWET platoon, which was established before the 2010 National Training Center rotation, was tasked to support the maneuver battalions of the 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 3d Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia, in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn.
Thus, the remaining oil to be produced is about 1,161 BSTB," pointed out Ibrahim Nashawi, one of the authors of the study.
The BSTB can adequately support its organic companies, but it struggles to sustain all of the nonorganic units in the BCT's area of operations.
While in garrison the signal company administratively falls under the BEB or BSTB.
Even though the BSTB military police platoon could provide only limited tactical advantages, the continued exposure to military police Soldiers and doctrine made integration smoother.
On the other end of the spectrum, some would argue that the company should be attached to the brigade special troops battalion (BSTB), with the BSTB leaders assuming complete ownership as they do for their other companies.
One strategy for improving the local economy was the use of the 81st BSTB nonlethal engagement (NLE) team, which comprised U.
96, "In the IBCT, CBRN reconnaissance assets are organic to the HHC [headquarters and headquarters company] of the BSTB.
The Soldiers of 3rd BSTB work hard to ensure every vehicle they maintain is combat-effective.