BSTBBlue Skies Turn Black (record label and concert promoter)
BSTBBeauty Spoils the Boy (band)
BSTBBrigade Special Troops Battalion (US DoD)
BSTBBerjaya Sports Toto Bhd. (Malaysia)
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Ensure that BSTB unit assets are positioned to execute their assigned tasks.
Our model estimates the world ultimate reserve at 2,140 billion stock tank barrels ( BSTB) of which 979 BSTB has already been produced by 2005.
Doctrinally, the BSTB also provides logistics support to the brigade headquarters and command and control and sustainment for all of the nonorganic units operating in the brigade combat team's (BCT's) area of operations.
As members of the 4-3 BSTB, we would like to share our story with our Dragon brothers and sisters.
Build and certify all BCT IA network servers and services (windows updates/anti virus updates) * Ensure IA compliance through managed updates for all BCT systems * Establish & manage BCT helpdesk operations * Install Local Area Network/TOC internal network infrastructure (helpdesk & NETOPS) * BSTB Signal Company Commander * Train and sustain BCT JNN/RTX/NETOPS crews * Conduct joint communications planning with BCT S6 * Employ and sustain BCT JNN/RTX/NETOPS assets IAW BCT communications plan * Attend daily S6 sync meetings [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
In heavy BCTs (now designated armored BCTs), engineer companies were initially assigned to each combined arms battalion before they were combined into a single engineer company in the BSTB (like infantry BCTs).
Based on Stryker brigade after action reviews (AARs), transformed BCTs were given a BSTB commander and staff to assume all of the leadership responsibilities for what used to be the brigade's separate companies.
Previously she was the military police platoon leader for the BSTB, 3d BCT, 1st Cavalry Division.
One of the headquarters company first sergeants I knew periodically suggested that things would work better if the company were not attached to the BSTB.
Furthermore, the additional four Soldiers (above the eight IBCT CBRN reconnaissance platoon Soldiers), along with equipment support from the HHC BSTB, may allow for internal platoon decontamination.
Make it doctrine for that role to be filled and clear up the confusion that is always present with respect to the BSTB commander, BCT S-6, and the NSC commander.
The 81st BSTB NLE team traveled to various local villages several times a week to gather unemployment data for those areas.