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BSTCBessemer State Technical College (Bessemer, AL)
BSTCBritish Smaller Technology Companies
BSTCBeijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
BSTCBuy/Sell/Trade/Classifieds (forum)
BSTCBridge Street Token Club (Frankfort, KY)
BSTCBall State Teachers College (Muncie, IN; now Ball State University)
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Mr Imad Bustami, CEO of BSTC, said, "Through this event, we aim at strengthening and enhancing the partnership with Fitness First and producing great things that will benefit both companies.
BSTC), the exclusive dealers of Nissan in Jordan, signed an agreement with Arab Assist (a MAPFRE Company) at BSTC headquarters in Wadi Saqra to extend warranty on all new Nissan vehicles.
The BSTC computer lab had of 24 Compaq Pentium II computers connected as a LAN (Local Area Network), one 56K modem, and two Hewlett Packard Laser Jet printers.
BSTC teaming up with NISSAN represents a milestone in the Middle East retailer market.
BSTC was founded in 2002 by the Beijing Government Science and Technology Commission and the Beijing Products Quality and Inspection Institute.
Acquisition of reagents for detection by genomic amplification techniques, the hepatitis B virus (HbsAg), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency (HIV) for the BSTC.
The offer also includes registration, licensing and insurance, said a statement from BSTC.
Shireen Al Hassani, BSTC Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager.
On this occasion, BSTC held a ceremony at Nissan-Jordan headquarters attended by National Parts Manager Mr Hazem Bustami.
In addition to the celebration of Mother's Day, this breakfast event was created to strengthen the relationship of BSTC with its valued customers so they can feel like they are part of the big Nissan family with this special event for their special day," said Imad Bustami, CEO of BSTC.
Participants were invited to the raffle, during which Shireen Al Hassani BSTC Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager, Zain'sMobile Data & Broadband Services Manager Mr.
Freescale's BSTC is one of 40 design centers operated by Freescale in key regions around the world.