BSTFBibliographic Services Task Force (University of California Libraries)
BSTFBase Shop Test Facility
BSTFBritish Student Taekwondo Federation (UK)
BSTFBattle Staff Training Facility
BSTFBrooklyn South Task Force (NYPD)
BSTFBusiness Systems Task Force
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The decision by the transfusion service medical director to trigger the BSTF takes into account (1) whether the product is essential for patient care, (2) if long-term depletion is truly forecast, (3) if multiple services and multiple users are predicted to be affected, (4) if there is no therapeutic alternative (eg, fibrinogen concentrate could be considered a therapeutic alternative to cryoprecipitate; we do not routinely stock fibrinogen concentrate, but have the ability to bring it into inventory if required), and (5) if there is a marked transfusion medicine concern for patient safety.
Once the multidisciplinary BSTF is convened, an impact analysis of the shortage is conducted, an estimate of the impact on patient care is determined, and at-risk patient populations are identified.
In each circumstance detailed, it was not necessary to activate the BSTF. In the case of the ONEG RBC shortage, for instance, by limiting the use of ONEG RBCs in RhPOS patients, the blood bank was able to manage the shortage internally.
Yet BSTF member and graduate law student Kena Gomalo says half of UO's Black students are from California and UO could do more to recruit Black students from Oregon.
Yvette Alex-Assensoh, UO's vice president for equity and inclusion, outlined six responses to the BSTF's demands, indicating more will be done to address the demands.
According to the update from Schill and Alex-Assensoh, in response to BSTF Demand No.
PDTMDE fielded a new OPATS, BSTF version 5, in 2002 to provide LRM support of the OH-58D Kiowa helicopter optical system.
The capabilities production document was approved in April 2007, and NGATS was selected as the Army's replacement for DSESTS and BSTF (versions 3 and 5).
The BSTF, which supports the MLRS, Avenger and especially the Kiowa Warrior, is experiencing high component failure because of poor handling and damage to circuit cards and power supplies.
Without cards and power supplies, the BSTF will not be able to test and isolate faults in weapon system line replaceable units (LRUs) and shop replaceable units (SRUs).