BSTNBig South Television Network (est. 2001)
BSTNBig Sky Travel Nurses (Trout Creek, MT)
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in the key, which specifies digestion of another subsample of the ND3/ND4 PCR product with endonuclease BstN I.
In this survey, we analyzed site variation for the following PCR region by restriction endonuclease combinations: 12S/16S rRNA Cyt b/D-loop ND5/ND6 ND1/ND2 ND3/ND4 Cfo I BstN I Ava I Dde I Cfo I Dde I Dde I Sty I
brevispinis) are observed, digest the ND3/ND4 PCR product with BstN I; BstN I haplotype A is specific for S.