BSTNBig South Television Network (est. 2001)
BSTNBig Sky Travel Nurses (Trout Creek, MT)
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The purchase price of the additional 59% is $16 million payable in cash or BSTN shares.
Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy -Increased lean muscle by 9%, -Increased strength/endurance after 6 months -Reduced body fat by 14%, -Enhanced sexual performance after 6 months -Increased exercise capacity -Increased energy/Reduced fatigue -Eliminates cellulite -Reverses effects of aging -Reduced stress level -Removed wrinkles -Grew hair -Enhanced immune system function -Lowered blood -Reversed heart disease pressure/cholesterol -Reversed osteoporosis -Improved kidney function -Accelerated wound healing -Improved memory retention -Improved sleep and vision -Reversed muscle wasting BSTN continues to explore other opportunities within the biotech sector.
BSTN believes that HGH and testosterone therapies rank amongst the highest fastest growing segments of the anti-aging and life extension therapy markets.