BSTSBring Something to Share (volunteer gatherings)
BSTSBase Station Transceiver Subsystem
BSTSBetter Safe Than Sorry
BSTSBritish Society for the Turin Shroud
BSTSBackside Tailslide (skateboarding)
BSTSBradford Stage and Theatre School (UK)
BSTSBase Shop Test Station
BSTSBattle Staff Training System
BSTSBrumman Satellite
BSTSBoost Surveillance & Tracking System
BSTSBattalion Staff Training System
BSTSBallistic Surveillance and Tracking System
BSTSBrighton Secondary Technical School (UK)
BSTSBritish Shroud of Turin Society
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They also allow the buying, selling and trading (BST) of brand-new and secondhand carriers.
Once training is completed, BSTs are transformed into DIMLP ensembles.
In contrast to these approaches, an efficient implementation of insertion operation for the parallel BSTs using threads is proposed while avoiding the above-mentioned locking mechanism.
During two BSTs' construction, as shown in Figure 2, the non-leaf nodes in BSTcA and BSTcD are assembled by the k-level coefficient vectors of McA and McD, respectively; and then the leaf nodes are derived directly from the original time series Z.
"BSTS believes in Komatsu machines due to their traditional durability and innovative technologies," said senior manager Rob Jansen.
A total of 64 'visual' test items were identified from the 2005 and 2007 BSTs and the 2007 English Language and Literacy Assessment (NSW Department of Education and Training (2007b).
I applied the same approach when [ became the book editor of the quarterly journal The Bulletin of Science, Technology $ Society (BSTS) in the early 1980s.
Also, HPAs for base station amplifiers, compatible with digital pre-distortion techniques, give high efficiency PAs for BSTs with low cost simple architecture.
The laboratory has been acquired from BSTS Limited, a subsidiary of VA TECH UK Limited, who have worked closely with NaREC and One NorthEast to ensure the transfer of jobs and skills to run the new centre under its new manage- ment.
This study sought to provide information on the links between academic language, language proficiency tests, and performance on standardized assessments by examining relationships among: (1) two language proficiency measures (e.g., Language Assessment Scale (LAS) and Minnesota's Test of Emerging Academic English (TEAE); (2) teacher ratings of classroom reading and writing samples; and (3) two state achievement tests: Minnesota's Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and Minnesota's Basic Skills Test (BSTs).
A spokeswoman said: "The difficult trading conditions for British Short Circuit Testing Station based in Hebburn during the last two years has caused the company to carry out a comprehensive review of the viability of BSTS within VA Tech for the future.
The proposals involve abolishing BSTs - in-house divisions that deal with safety and occupational health issues on behalf of employees - and replacing them with independent consultants.