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Plasma was harvested (14) and DNA was extracted from 800 [micro]L (RhD blood typing module) or 1.6 mL (other modules) of plasma with the Q1Aamp Minikit and eluted with 50 [micro]L of [H.sub.2]O, and 35 [micro]L of plasma DNA were digested with 100 U of BstU I enzyme at 60[degrees]C for 16 h.
Thus, for example, the current Provost, Treu, was for many years the regional youth pastor for the Church Province of Saxony." BStU MfS-JHS 22139, Bl.
(5) Within the framework of inter-governmental agreements, such as that between the GDR and Mozambique, in September 1987, besides the 7, 800 Mozambicans, there were 18, 600 Vietnamese, 13, 000 Cubans, 7, 400 Poles, 540 Chinese and 440 Angolans (Jahreseimchatzi/ngzurpolitisch-operativen Lage unter den auslandischen Werktaligen in der DDR, BstU MfS HA II Nr.
See BStU records HA XX4--subject "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" or "Mormon Church."
The results of the analysis of energy losses in hot water boilers of different designs [14], both traditional and condensing showed that in terms of the best use of heat the dual-circuit condensing boiler developed by the fellows of BSTU named after V.G.
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We used the following restriction enzymes: Alu I, Apa I, Ase I, Ava I, Ava II, BamH I, Bcl I, Bgl I, Bgl II, BstE II, BstU I, Dpn II, EcoR I, EcoR V, Hae II, Hae III, Hha I, Hinf I, Hind III, Kpn I, Mse I, Msp I, Nci I, Pst I, Rsa I, Sac I, Sac II, Sau96 I, Sca I, Stu I, Taq I, Xba I, and Xho I.