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The daily silage uND[F.sub.240h] intake was lower in the C[S.sub.U]AS and BSUAS groups than those of the CSAS and BSAS (p<0.05), while uND[F.sub.240h], unlike uND[F.sub.30h] was same in the cows fed the CSA[S.sub.F] and BSA[S.sub.F] compared with the CSAS and BSAS groups.
However, blood urea-N and alanine aminotransferase concentrations increased in the cows fed low uNDF diet (C[S.sub.U]AS and BSUAS; p<0.10).
The chewing time (min/d) of cows fed on C[S.sub.U]AS and BSUAS was no different in comparison to those fed on CSAS and BSAS, which reflects a lack of significant differences in feed intake (Table 4).