BSWFBiological Spectral Weighting Function
BSWFBig Sioux Water Festival
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The tools to do so could be the strengthening of conditions for exports, via the creation of an Eximbank and the effective implementation of Brazil's Sovereign Wealth Fund - BSWF.
Monetary and exchange BSWF in the context of rate FDI * World Bank and * Creation of a International Monetary Fund systematic discussion and suggest policies of technically competent in the "relaxation" of restrictions area of economics and law on OFDI (investment to discern the role that the abroad), which would FSB would have as an relieve pressure on the instrument of monetary and exchange rate in countries exchange rate stabilization.
British Wheelchair Sports Foundation (BWSF) Junior of the Year 1997; Variety Club of Great Britain, disabled sportswoman of the year, 1998; BSWF individual female achievement 1999;