BSZBerufliches Schulzentrum (German)
BSZBlock Store Zero
BSZBsp Skin Zip
BSZBase Security Zone (US Air Force)
BSZBeidseitig Sperrbarer Zylinder (German: Both Sides Lockable Cylinder)
BSZBibliotheks Service Zentrum (German: Library Service Center; Germany)
BSZBrawley Seismic Zone (tectonic zone)
BSZBarton Springs Zone (Barton Springs, TX)
BSZBible Society of Zambia (est. 1966; Lusaka, Zambia)
BSZBerufs- und Weiterbildung Zofingen (German; Swiss vocational training group)
BSZBeheerscomité van de Sociale Zekerheid (Dutch: Management Committee for Social Security; Netherlands)
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Because the terrain included in the base boundary is subject to constraints of the land component or host nation, the Air Force will use the BSZ to internally address the total area outside the base perimeter that might threaten the base with standoff attacks.
Historical knowledge of the enemy's use of standoff weapons like rockets and mortars in Vietnam, together with recent experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, shows that the BSZ must extend a minimum of five kilometers from base resources (e.
Prosecuting ground-combat operations in the BSZ will require a robust tactical C2 infrastructure run by the base-defense operations center (BDOC) (fig.
This strategy becomes a BSZ ground tasking order (GTO)--a fires-and-effects integration matrix for the BSZ--that postures and deconflicts forces to provide an executable "playbook" for operations.
A current-operations cell functions on behalf of the defense-force commander to monitor GTO execution and exercise C2 of all forces within the BSZ (the traditional S-3 role of Air Force base-defense and Army units).
A fire-support coordination cell, another critical current-operations cell capability, plans and integrates indirect joint-fire missions such as close air support or artillery in the BSZ.
Desert Safeside and other Iraqi Freedom / Enduring Freedom experiences showed that seizing the initiative in a hostile BSZ requires aggressive ground-combat operations.
14) The assessment capability requires new organizational structures, additional communications equipment, and either additional personnel or inventive manpower solutions to fully integrate intelligence and AFOSI with security forces in BSZ operations.