BTACBranch Target Address Cache
BTACBicycle Trade Association of Canada
BTACBusiness Tax Advisory Committee (various locations)
BTACBusiness Training Associates Centre (UK)
BTACBrigade de Transmissions et d'Appui au Commandement (French: Transmissions and Command Support Brigade)
BTACBasic Technical Architecture Concept (various companies)
BTACBengal Tiger Aquatic Club (swimming)
BTACBusiness Threat Awareness Council
BTACBorder Trade Advisory Committee (Texas)
BTACBeaucaire Tarascon Aquatic Club (France)
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Alcatel recommends the BTAC system for use by vendors and carriers alike.
Fidel Gentallan, BTAC chief, said they were only able to confirm the accident after more than six hours because the contractor, Datem Inc.
The BTAC also advised ATM clients to still use their hands to cover the keypad when typing their PIN even if the ATM keypad has a security cover.
Cabural said five security guard employed by the AFFA security agency were detained at the BTAC station and would face charges of illegal discharge of firearms.
We are at full swing for the contest," said Youth International Speech Contest - BTAC 2008 chairman Ali Shahbaz Ali.