BTAEBilisim Teknolojileri Arastirma Enstitüsü (Turkish: The Institute of Technology Areas Bilisim)
BTAEB. Tech Aerospace Engineering (India)
BTAEBeneath the Attic Eaves (art sale group)
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Additionally, some other virulence factors have been identified in Brucella spp, that are imperative for infection, counting BacA (Martin-Martin et al., 2012), BmaC (Posadas et al., 2012), outer membrane proteins (Omps) (Lim et al., 2012; Vizcaino and Cloeckaert, 2012), SagA (Del Giudice et al., 2013), MucR (Mirabella et al., 2013), BtaE (Ruiz-Ranwez et al., 2013), and BetB (Lee et al., 2014).
BtaE, an adhesin that belongs to the trimeric autotransporter family, is required for full virulence and defines a specific adhesive pole of Brucella suis.