BTAGBeginning Tag
BTAGBumped Tape Automated Bonding
BTAGBroadband Technical Advisory Group
BTAGBackbone Tag
BTAGBiological Technical Assistance Group (US Army)
BTAGBegin Tag (ATMF)
BTAGBicycle and Trail Advisory Group (Maryland)
BTAGBusiness Technology Alignment Group, LLC (Armonk, NY)
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The touch logs the attendee's request for whatever content the exhibitor has assigned to the BTAG.
“Exhibitors at Cartes America 2014 were impressed by the BTAG's elegance,” says Ivan Lazarev, President and CEO.
As well as functioning as an NFC reader—able to read badge-touches—each BTAG is also an active NFC tag able to pass information to other readers.
A cumulative email is also sent at the close of the event with all the links assigned to all the BTAGs the attendee touched throughout the entire event.
Early in the year, the AZA's BTAG. also worked with USFWS to find an appropriate home for Alaska, a female polar bear.
Our biologists also work through BTAG on the cleanup of excess property that is transferred by the military to the FWS.
Involvement in BTAG provides the opportunity to work with the military to ensure that restoration and habitat enhancement projects provide long-term benefits for wildlife.
chos lugs khag gi bslab bya'i rtsa ba ni nga rang tsho la lhan skyes kyi bzang po'i yon tan zhigyod pa di gzhi mar bzhag nas chos lugs kyi bslab bya rnams thon yong ba yin dus/ bzang po'i ya rabs kyi bsam blo dang spyod pa gzhi la bzhag nas bzos pa yin na/ ming la chos btags rung ma btags rung don dag chos kyi snying po'i thog slebs rgyu yin/ ...
Equally, Dpe har in the Sba bzhed zhab btags ma and Dpe dkar in the Sba bzhed are clearly variants of Pe har in which the phonetic rendering has been further Tibetanized.
bya byed btags pa pa 7 rigs 312,2, rig bya rig byed btags pa pa dgag pa (3) ba (4 : 3) 132.3.
Was this fabric image with it's illustrated and textual references to the first three Sakya hierarchs manufactured at sometime later than the painted Vorlage (model) and sent with Tibetan dignitaries at the Yuan court to Sakya monastery in the late 13th or early 14th century?--When between circa 1310 and 1320 the imperial tutor and preceptor Mus chen rGyal mtshan dPal bzang po, the nephew of 'Phags pa bLa ma, travelled from Dadu (Beijing) to Sakya, he carried "woven images (btags sku)" in his luggage.