BTAGBiological Technical Assistance Group (US Army)
BTAGBicycle and Trail Advisory Group (Maryland)
BTAGBusiness Technology Alignment Group, LLC (Armonk, NY)
BTAGBegin Tag (ATMF)
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The touch logs the attendee's request for whatever content the exhibitor has assigned to the BTAG.
8220;We have made it easy for them to upload product information and assign it to a BTAG.
As well as functioning as an NFC reader—able to read badge-touches—each BTAG is also an active NFC tag able to pass information to other readers.
A BTAG can also be worn by booth staff, or deployed on pods supplied by ITN.
Our biologists also work through BTAG on the cleanup of excess property that is transferred by the military to the FWS.
Involvement in BTAG provides the opportunity to work with the military to ensure that restoration and habitat enhancement projects provide long-term benefits for wildlife.
chos lugs khag gi bslab bya'i rtsa ba ni nga rang tsho la lhan skyes kyi bzang po'i yon tan zhigyod pa di gzhi mar bzhag nas chos lugs kyi bslab bya rnams thon yong ba yin dus/ bzang po'i ya rabs kyi bsam blo dang spyod pa gzhi la bzhag nas bzos pa yin na/ ming la chos btags rung ma btags rung don dag chos kyi snying po'i thog slebs rgyu yin/ .
Equally, Dpe har in the Sba bzhed zhab btags ma and Dpe dkar in the Sba bzhed are clearly variants of Pe har in which the phonetic rendering has been further Tibetanized.
A second component of the NFC Experience is the ITN International My BTAGS app, which allows attendees to collect and exchange contact information with other attendees using their NFC-enabled Android phones.
Cha pa la sogs pa bod kyi mkhas pa rnams kyis kyang | gzhan gyis btags pa'i chos can la rang rgyud mi rung bar 'chad do ||; text and translation of Tillemans 1984: 383 and 365.
bya byed btags pa pa 7 rigs 312,2, rig bya rig byed btags pa pa dgag pa (3) ba (4 : 3) 132.