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BTALBlunt Traumatic Aortic Laceration
BTALBaki Turk Anadolu Lisesi (Turkish: Baku Turkish High School)
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Eleven SNPs were harbored within the regions of known genes (Table 7), and in the chromosomal regions where twelve SNPs that were detected in this study, BFT QTL also reported in Hanwoo, Angus or composite breeds [13,14,18,19]; Hapmap51248-BTA-51337 on BTAl; BFGL-NGS-119673, ARS-BFGLNGS-8401, and BTB-00236217 on BTA5; BTB-00236217 and BTB-01744782 on BTA6; Hapmap34906-BES1 1_Contig369_1053 on BTAll; BTB-01493007 on BTA13; BTB00566332 on BTA14;BTB-00634483 and Hapmap42533BTA38667 on BTA16; ARS-BFGL-NGS-39535 on BTA29 (Table 7).
the two SNPs BTB-01747944 and BTB-02105769 for WWT at 4.07 Mb and 4.15 Mb on BTAl, and ARS-BFGL-BAC-28936 and ARS-BFGL-BAC-30072 for YWT at 1.66 Mb and 1.69 on BTA23, respectively (Tables 4 and 5).