BTAPBluetooth Access Point (proximity marketing)
BTAPBlood Tribe Agricultural Project
BTAPBeginning Teachers Assistance Program (education)
BTAPBright Treasure Art Projects (UK)
BTAPBefore the After Party (band)
BTAPBrooklyn Theatre Arts Project, Inc.
BTAPBorn to Act Players (theater company; Tarzana, CA)
BTAPBond Trade Analysis Program
BTAPBlack Tie and Pie (PistonHeads gathering)
BTAPBeer Tap Assurance Program
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In KP, BTAP was launched in 2014 with a total cost of Rs19.4486 billion out of which Rs14 billion were so far spent to increase forest land and protect soils from further erosion.
Soon after the start of the proceeding, Leader of Opposition Akram Khan Durrani drew the attention of the house towards special committee visit to District Bannu to investigate irregularities and embezzlement in BTAP. He said that decided in the special parliamentary committee to visit Bannu on April 25 to monitor forestation and its progress report.
Within the CHUD Program, the "Blbeck and Tyre Archaeological Project - BTAP" funded by the World Bank with an amount of 8 million Euro and by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Italian Development Cooperation with an amount of more than 4 million Euro will carry out consolidation, conservation and restoration works in the UNESCO sites of Al Mina and Al Bass (Tyre) and in the Citadel of Blbeck (Al Qal).
The increases in the BTAp obtained with the application of 80, 160 and 320 kg [ha.sup.-1] N were 32, 52, and 57%, respectively.
In awarding the honor, a CANDO member said BTAP was "a model for all First Nations on how to plan, implement and operate a commercial venture on a reserve.
If you are a prospective first year teacher who is nervous and uncertain about accepting a teaching position, inquire about the school system's beginning teacher assistance program (BTAP).
The Virginia Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) (Medley, 1987) appears attractive.
The Forests Department Chief said BTAP has been extended to erstwhile Fata by the Govt with the target of raising of 215,000 hectares (ha) block plantations, 10,000 ha saline and waterlogged, 1200ha plantations on marginalized lands, 90ha Avenue plantations, 6760ha dry land and 3200ga wood lots.
SUPARCO by assessing 1496 enclosures and 2069 afforestration sites were under taken under BTAP, reflecting positive change of 60.13pc and 70.81pc respectively.
PESHAWAR: The PTI led Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has achieved many laurels on diversified fronts during last one year by completing the challenging process of KP-FATA merger, extending Sehat Insaf Cards (SIC) and billion trees afforstration project (BTAP) to tribal districts and merged 28,000 Levy and Khasadars force into KP police.
Keeping in view of Federal Govt's target of planting additional one billion saplings under 'Plant for Pakistan' initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the KP Forest Department has decided to extend Billion Trees Afforstration Project (BTAP) to merged tribal districts of erstwhile Fata to use its vast land for massive plantations and bring 107970 hectares land under forestry cover by 2023 to mitigate effects of climate change and global warming.
Wildlife's flora has been enhanced in KP after plantation of 1.2billion plants including 600 million on 306,983hactares through forest enclosures, 200 million on 263,213 hectares man made and 200 million through farm forestry were achieved under Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf PTI) government flagship Billion Trees Afforestration Project (BTAP), said Muhammad Tehmasip Khan, Project Director BTAP while talking to reporter.