BTASBatman The Animated Series
BTASBachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (various schools)
BTASBiometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems
BTASBusiness Technologies and Solutions, Inc. (Dayton, Ohio)
BTASBut That's Another Story
BTASBuffy the Animated Series (TV show)
BTASBolton Training and Assessment Services (UK)
BTASBass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano (ascending vocal ranges)
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In a study to be presented this week at the BTAS biometrics conference in Washington DC, Savvides shows the app can identify a particular gait with over 95 per cent accuracy.
BTAS expects to complete its debt restructuring by 2012 year-end.
COMMENT: We do not expect the news to have any impact on BTAS for the time being, as the negotiations began on schedule announced earlier.
COMMENT: The bank's debt restructuring process is far from finalizing, as BTAS plans to negotiate the commercial terms and conditions with all stakeholders in June, 2012.
BTAS received a notice of acceleration in respect of I approximately US$5 billion aggregate initial Reference Amount of Recovery Units from BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Limited as trustee for the holders of the Units.
However, as BTAS believes that this acceleration will not have a material impact or effect on the restructuring discussion, we view the news as having neutral impact on BTAS.
aIt would not be appropriate to make payments in respect of the recovery units when BTA has not paid amounts due on the bank's senior notes and while discussions continue with stakeholders on the financial restructuring of the banka - stressed BTAS in emailed statement.
Neutral share impact is expected for now as we continue to watch whether BTAS will be able to enter into agreement with bondholders.
BTAS and HSBK issued joint release, where banks stressed that they act with respect to all market participants and reaffirmed their commitment to the norms of fair competition and corporate ethics.
We therefore consider the news as marginally positive for BTAS partially offsetting National Bank CEO Grigoriy Marchenko's and Halyk Savings Bank CEO Umut Shayakhmetova's assertions that BTAS should no longer be considered a systemically important bank.
The decreasing in deposits with increasing liabilities deteriorates bank's financial positing, squeezes liquidity and raises concerns about BTAS viability.