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BTCPBreakthrough Cancer Pain
BTCPBiological Terrorism Contingency Plan
BTCPBluetooth Topology Construction Protocol
BTCPBiological Threat Characterization Program
BTCPBible Training Centre for Pastors (Tucker, GA)
BTCPBearing Track Computer Program
BTCPBell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania
BTCPBenzo Thiophenyl Cyclohexyl Piperidine (dopamine uptake inhibitor)
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We are excited to be chosen to provide our turnkey line solution to BTCP in Russia.
We are excited to work with Spire, the industry leader, on this important new venture," said Alexey Baberdin, Director General of BTCP.
BTCP is a high technology company and was established in 1962 to pursue the production of electronic components.
We are very pleased with this product introduction as BTCP continues to bring innovative, best-of-class power solutions to the marketplace.
As they evaluate price per watt and price per ampere, they will find that BTCP offers one of the most cost-effective solutions.
With the CP-200 series, BTCP offers high efficiency and superior performance in an industry-standard form factor that supports customers' existing and future applications by addressing the trend toward higher output power, particularly at higher ambient temperature," said James Lau, chief technical officer at BTCP.
This patented technology is better suited to handle heat dissipation, thus allowing BTCP to offer higher power density products than its competition.