BTCSBrake Traction Control System
BTCSBelgian Touring Car Series
BTCSBrake Traction Control System (vehicle manufacturing)
BTCSBefore These Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews Band album)
BTCSBack to Church Sunday (UK)
BTCSBoot Time Computer Services (Bella Vista, AR)
BTCSBard's Tale Construction Set (gaming)
BTCSBoiler Technician, Senior Chief (USN Rating)
BTCSBCAB (British Computer Association of the Blind) Trainer Certification Scheme (Birmingham, England, UK)
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However, the BTCs attaining the inflexion point at lower relative concentration (than 0.5) suggests a greater degree of As retention by the present soils, especially in the As-affected soils.
Figure 5a and b shows BTCs of the relative concentration, [C.sub.e], of the leaching water in the drainage effluent as a function of time for the upper and lower drains, respectively, with different areas of surface ponded.
(17,18) collected pamphlets that BTCs and NPOs gave to practitioners, patients, or both and determined how many of 10 elements each pamphlet included.
While IPC-7093 and component supplier guidance documents continue to provide valuable guidance on how best to design and manufacture card assemblies using BTCs, there has been significant growth in BTC usage in more complex constructions over the past three years.
Under its terms BTCS shareholders will own a 55.4 to 54.4% stake in the combined company and Spondoolies shareholders will own a 44.6 to 45.6% of the combined company, based on the number of common and preferred securities outstanding immediately following the merger.
The Cl andN[O.sub.3]-N BTCs of AETL 7 were lower in concentration and spread over a longer duration of drainage volume than the other two BTC at this depth (Fig.
Non-dimensional breakthrough curves (BTCs) were produced for the electrical conductivity of the leachate and/or for the concentrations of the individual ions for each displacement.
BTCS' investment in Spondoolies comes on the heels of an April 28 announcement of the intention for BTCS and Spondoolies to merge and is serving as the first integral step of the planned merger.
The transport parameters in the CDE and MIM models were fitted to observed BTCs using an extended version of the CXTFIT non-linear parameter estimation program of Toride et al.
The breakthrough curves (BTC) of DCD are shown in Fig.
Selecting a solder paste formulated to mitigate voids in the reflow process will result in smaller and fewer voids not only under BTCs but in BGAs and other components as well.
2) was chosen to describe the BTCs. This functional form ensured simplicity but had the flexibility to capture a large variety of shapes.