BTCTBarton and Tredworth Community Trust (UK)
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BTCT in the current financial year is extending its scale by adopting and developing over 100 schools with a targeted impact to over 20,000 girl children.
Till date, the trust (BTCT) has provided the required infrastructure support, scholarships to girl children to ensure a conducive environment for their studies for 5,000 girls in 31 government schools.
As the trust (BTCT) is focusing on the overall development of 20,000 girls in 100 schools this year, it will now take the responsibility of:
Building Block Group is also allocating some percentage of its profit to the BTCT as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to help girls get a good quality education.
On distingue trois types de bons de tresor: Les Bons de Tresor a Court Terme (BTCT).