BTECHBachelor of Technology
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He stressed the need for an integrated plan to develop companies operating in the sector, and supplement the efforts of BTECH to act as a bridge between the companies and government decision makers.
Munfarid has huge plans to contribute to the technological front of the country with its Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided training programmes designed to enhance learning capabilities of youth in education and corporate sectors as well as further help to align strategies for technology aided, performance enhancement solutions for government and non-government organizations," said BTECH chairman Ubaydli Al Ubaydli.
At a seminar organised by BTECH, attended by supporters and participants at the Bahrain National Pavilion at Gitex 2017, Mr Al Ubaidly said this pavilion is a good platform to showcase the ICT sector's growth.
BTECH secretary Rashed Senan praised the ministry for its engagement with stakeholders in the eCommerce market to develop the Bahraini market.
BETCH Chairman Ubaydli Al Ubaydli said that BTECHs strategic partnership with Batelco is a great benefit for the Bahrain pavilion at GITEX due to Batelcos vital role and impact in the telecommunication and ICT industry.
BTECH chairman Ubaydli Ubaydli stressed on the importance of such events for the economy and reputation of the kingdom.
BTECH president Ubaidli Al Ubaidli expected the participation of 45 exhibitors from public and private sectors within the pavilion with an increase of about 30 per cent compared with last year's event.
BTECH chairman Obaidly Al Obaidly said Tamkeen's continuous support of Gitex participants has always contributed to the development of these companies as well as increasing their competitiveness and their sales.
The country's interest in the ICT sector was reflected by fully supporting the establishment of BTECH, which aims to support local ICT companies to excel.
In his first year there he had done a BTECH First Diploma in sport and had gone on to do a two-year National Diploma in sport.
BTECH president Ubaidli Al Ubaidli said 45 exhibitors from public and private sectors are expected to take part within the pavilion, with an increase of about 30 per cent compared with last year's event.
Chairman of BTECH Ubaidly Al-Ubaidly emphasized the importance of ICT sector to Bahrain's development in the coming decades, stating, "In today's globalized world, the ICT sector plays an ever-increasing role in the sustainable socio-economic development of society.