BTG2B-Cell Translocation Gene 2
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In any case, B-cell translocation gene 2 (BTG2), reported to be upregulated (in the prefrontal cortex) in major depression, was downregulated [35].
Inhibition of bladder cancer invasion by Sp1-mediated BTG2 expression via inhibition of DNA methyltransferase 1.
BTG2 siRNA, p53 siRNA, and siNC were designed and synthesized by GenePharma (China).
As shown in Figure 2A, [sup.131]I increased the expressions of p53 and BTG2 in a concentration-depended manner.
The study is entitled "Estrogen receptor beta causes a G2 cell cycle arrest by inhibiting CDK1 activity through the regulation of cyclin B1, GADD45A, and BTG2".
zon ches Color ture ture tence Redox In/hr Ap 0-9 very silty weak friable 0.6-2 dark clay fine and gray loam medium (10YR3/ granular 1) A 9-16 black silty moderate firm 0.6-2 (10YR2/ clay fine and 1) loam medium angular blocky Btg1 16-31 dark silty moderate firm common 0.2-0.6 gray clay medium medium (5YR4/ loam and fine dis- 1) sub- tinct angular dark and yello- angular wish blocky brown (10YR4/ 4) and few medium promi- nent yello- wish brown (10YR5/ 6) iron oxide masses Btg2 31-50 olive silty moderate firm common 0.2-0.6 gray clay coarse coarse (5YR5/ loam sub- promi- 2) angular nent blocky strong brown (7.5YR 5/6) and yello- wish brown (10YR5/ 8) iron oxide masses 2C 50-64 brown loam massive friable 0.2-0.6 (10YR5/ 3) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
Notable upregulated genes were involved in neuron differentiation ( BTG2, NTNG2, DLL1, HES1, NR4A2, STAT3, and VEGF-A ), myeloid cell and osteoclast differentiation ( KLF10, TOB2, and ZFP36 ), cellular and macromolecular biosynthetic process ( KLF13, MKL1, HES1, MYOG, NR4A1, NR4A2, STAT3, and MAF ), and skeletal system development (JUND, KLF10, NAB2, MYOG, and TIPARP ).
Gudkov, "A systematic search for downstream mediators of tumor suppressor function of p53 reveals a major role of BTG2 in suppression of Ras-induced transformation," Genes & Development, vol.
Among these miRNAs, we can mention those that targeted BTG2, EREG, PRRC2, and APLP2.
Biological Gene number Partial related methylated genes function Adhesion 580 Sox-2, Shh, Itpkb, Pkd1, Reln, Ptk2b, Nck2, Ass1 Lphn1, Cdh9, Epdr1, Myf5, Pdpn, Has2, Fgfrl1, Fer Secretion 553 Lphn1, Pim3, Fst, Pim3, Pcsk6, Lax1, Sct, Sytl3 Plcd1, Ykt6, Jak1, Stat2, Myc, Csf2, Lifr, Sos1 Proliferation 787 Dixdc1, Lrp6, Edn3, Nkx2, Cyr61, Src, Sox8, Stk4 Ephb1, Sstr3, Rrm2, Tcf3, Grn, Rhoa, Apc, Nox4, Strn Neuronal 473 Bhlhb9, Cckar, Fzd2, Thy1, Pbx3, regeneration Otx2, Lhx8, Btg2 Klhl1, Dlg2, Pak1, Wnt3, Mif, Tctn1, Evl, Ext1, Als2 Axonal 215 Ifrd1, c-Jun, Bcl2, Tnn, Mbp, Slit3, regeneration Ist1, Drgx, Thy1 Unc5c, Ntrk2, Isl1, Ptk2, Dscam, Atl1, Dnm2, Cxcl12 Figure 3: (a) The distribution of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) peaks in different components of genome.
1992) and several p53 target genes, FDXR, DDB2, BTG2, CCNG1, PA26, and SNK A second group of genes that was more highly expressed in [G.sub.1] cells than in GO and 24-hr post-IR cells included GOS2, MYC, CCND1, CNK, ID1, and ID3.
1991), the antiproliferative protein PC3 (BTG2) (Tirone 2001), bax (Brunelle and Chandel 2002), and heme oxygenase-1 (Bauer et al.