BTGHBen Taub General Hospital (Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX)
BTGHBill the Galactic Hero (book series)
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This figure was compared with the total number of persons tested who were attending various other specialities in BTGH without surgical infection in ICTC during the study period i.
The high prevalence of HIV seropositivity in the general group of patients who attended BTGH without surgical infections indicates that in the future increasing numbers of HIV seropositive patients with infections requiring surgical intervention are likely to present for treatment.
OBSERVATIONS: There were 250 cases of first episode stroke in BTGH Of those 200 cases were CT proved ischemic stroke.
In this study, we evaluated the functioning of PICU of BTGH using PRISM III-24 scoring system.
Considering the above this study was done at BTGH GULBARGA.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective, observational and analytical study was done to assess the pattern of hypolipidemic drug use in patients of medicine and cardiology units of BTGH, Gulbarga:
Study subjects: Patients admitted in ICU (MICU/ICCU) and receiving lipid--lowering agents at BTGH, attached to MRMC.
The study was conducted in the month of March-April 2014 on a total of one hundred (100) participants, comprising of Interns, Postgraduate students and T eaching faculty of various clinical departments of BTGH.
Figure 8: This question investigates the availability of Suspected ADR reporting forms in BTGH.
Figure 11: This question asks whether a pharmacovigilance monitoring centre should be set up in BTGH, Gulbarga.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study has been based on the analysis of 50 cases of gastro intestinal perforation admitted to BTGH, Gulbarga, from December 2009 to May 2011, patients (cases) fulfilling the criteria were randomly selected for the study.
DISCUSSION: This study was conducted in BTGH, Gulbarga.