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While our study did not show any association of Puvll polymorphism with the prevalence and severity of angiographic CAD, it revealed significant inverse relationship between ESR1 exon 8 A/G Btgl polymorphism, also known as G594A or rs 2228480, and angiographic presence of CAD in women.
The gender selective character of this cardioprotective effect suggests that Btgl polymorphism could be an important factor in gender-specific pathophysiology of atherosclerosis.
The lack of linear correlation between Btgl polymorphism and severity of CAD found in our study could be explained with the possibility of ESR1 Btgl polymorphism being more influential on the prevention of atherosclerosis rather than on its rate of progression.
There is also previous evidence of ESR1 Btgl polymorphism having straight association with the susceptibility to migraines (12).
However, it is important to realize that this study is the first one to investigate the relation of Btgl polymorphisms to CAD.
We were also limited by the lack of information regarding the Btgl polymorphism genotype distributions in the general Turkish population.