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BTHBathroom (real estate)
BTHBlekinge Tekniska Högskola
BThBachelor of Theology (degree)
BTHBeyond The Horizon
BTHBreaking the Habit (Linkin Park song)
BTHBritish Thompson-Houston (tram)
BTHBury the Hatchet (Cranberries album)
BTHBelow the Horizon
BTHBharat Tourist Home (India)
BTHBrevet de Technicien Hôtelier (French: Hotelier Technician Certificate)
BTHBureau Thierry Havelange (French; Belgian finance agency)
BTHBureau Technique de l'Habitat (French construction company)
BTHBrown Trunk Height (landscaping, palm tree height)
BThBritish Thermal Units per Hour
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The BTH is adaptively computed by probing the corrected image with multiple linear structuring elements which have a variety of angular orientations.
If the Syrian Bth Party does not take the political option today and turns down Russia's offer, it is only because of the Iranian regime.
In Syria, will the people topple their Bth mentality after toppling the Bth regime?
With a reputation for providing precision and versatile throughput weighing solutions in the flour milling sector, Nottingham based Chronos BTH has supplied more of their Chrono-Weigh[TM] APW process weighers to a milling complex in Egypt.
As of March 3, 1897, the contracts between GE and BTH contained clauses that provided for reciprocal patent management and control.
John's is the other Presbyterian congregation that supports the centre) Whitfield is a tireless supporter of BTH and continues to promote their needs to the congregation.
9 September 2011 - Belgian speciality chemicals company Tessenderlo Chemie (EBR:TESB) on Friday said it had agreed to buy German plastic pipe fittings maker BT Bautechnik Group, comprising BT Impex GmbH and BTH Fitting KFT.
Several roads on the nearby Waterside housing estate are named after well-known BTH engineers.
BTH reported that it had filed a petition in Bahrain last week to dissolve Al Areen Desert Spa and Resorts in order to recover 1.
Actually seein ur mum performing a sex act must hav been a shock - but oral sex isn't weird or disgusting if bth prtners in a loving rel'ship want it.
BTH and INA, however, were still able to elicit SAR and pathogenesis-related gene expression in A.
All four were regular, nonintravenous injectors of black tar heroin (BTH), and one also snorted BTH.