BTHABritish Toy and Hobby Association (London, England, UK)
BTHABritish Travel Health Association
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The BTHA and Play England are asking parents to make a pledge to allocate more of their children's time to playing.
Natasha Crookes, from the BTHA, says: "Most parents understand that play is important for their children's emotional development, but what this research highlights is the time spent with props, either toys or even cardboard boxes, is an easier and more enjoyable way for children to be physically active and meet the minimum guidelines of activity.
Every year the BTHA organizes its major toy fair, the British International Toy and Hobby Fair.
The BTHA reckons that the most successful toys and games of the past 10 years have their roots in playground crazes, television game shows and new technology.
uk, then worked with the BTHA to produce the booklet Solutions Through Fun.
Christine Nicholls, BTHA chairwoman, admitted 2011 would be tough but said value-for-money toys would still come up trumps.
BTHA chairman Roger Dyson said construction toys, such as Lego, and TV spin-off Ben10 were best sellers.