BTHABritish Toy and Hobby Association (London, England, UK)
BTHABritish Travel Health Association
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Como muestra de este significativo marco asociativo, recordamos algunas de las abordadas en este articulo: Hobby Asociacion Britanica (btha), consejos de asesores tecnicos de la Industria Europea del Juguete (tie), Instituto Nacional Estadounidense de Estandares (ansi) para la seguridad de los juguetes; y la Asociacion Espanola de Fabricantes de Juguetes (aefj) entre un largo listado.
Jerry Burnie, the BTHA's safety adviser, says there are many counterfeit toys around this year, some made to look as if they're genuine branded toys, and others that don't pretend to be the real thing but have many similarities.
Amanda Gummer, a psychologist who advises the BTHA, said: 'Play helps a child to develop a whole range of skills from learning how to
The new campaign research, compiled by the BTHA and Loughborough University, found that a quarter of primary school children get just half an hour or less of physical activity a day.
I enjoy it just as much as they do." Rod's comments echo the BTHA's survey findings, which showed that 44% of families are at their happiest when they're playing together, with 89% of parents saying they noticed negative behaviour if their children didn't get the chance to play during the day.
A starting point for suppliers interested in exploring this avenue could be the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA), which represents companies that mass-produce toys.
Roland Earl, the BTHA's deputy director general says: "We know from research that 96% of parents believe that play is a very important part of a child's development., then worked with the BTHA to produce the booklet Solutions Through Fun.
The site is bounded on 2 sides by occupied houses/flats and is in the ownership of BtHA. Access will be restricted to key points on the site perimeter but working near occupied houses and private/public spaces will form part of the works.
Btha Arsene Wenger is 5-6 not to win another trophy at Arsenal - Paddy Power are already thinking of settling it as a winner.
Christine Nicholls, BTHA chairwoman, admitted 2011 would be tough but said value-for-money toys would still come up trumps.
BTHA chairman Roger Dyson said construction toys, such as Lego, and TV spin-off Ben10 were best sellers.