BTHPBoat Tail Hollow Point
BTHPBéton à Très Haute Performance (French: Very High Performance Concrete)
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Two other powders that also performed well in the DDM4V7 LW were Alliant Power Pro Varmint and AR Comp, both with Hornady 75-grain A-Max and BTHP bullets.
None exceeded 2 inches and the Gorilla 165-grain GameKing and the Hornady 175 BTHP turned in best groups of 0.
308 match loadings including Black Hills 168-grain BTHP, Federal's Premium Gold Medal 168-grain Sierra MatchKing BTHP, and Hornady's Superformance 168-grain A-MAX.
223Rem TRU 55grain Sierra BTHP (boat tail hollow point) NO SUBSTITUTE 1000 Rounds/Case 120 CASE $ $ 4 Federal #T308M .
5x55mm Swedish Mauser is offered by four manufacturers, in seven loadings: Hornady (129-grain Light Magnum); PMC (140-grain Sierra BTHP Match Silver Line, 140-grain Sierra BTSP Silver Line, 144-grain FMJ Bronze Line and 139-grain PSP Bronze Line); Remington (140-grain PSPCL Express); and Winchester (140-grain SP Super-X).
BTHP NOTES: Accuracy is the average of four, five-shot groups fired from a sandbag benchrest.
I brought three kinds of Hornady ammo to the range with me; 155-grain BTHP America Gunner, 168-grain TAP FPD and the new 178-grain Precision Hunter with the ELD-X bullet.
223 Remington) included Hornady Steel Match 75-grain BTHP, Federal Premium LE "Urban Tactical Rifle" 55-grain Nosier Ballistic Tip, Speer LE Gold Dot 64-grain GDSP, and Winchester PDX1 Defender 77-grain Split Core HP.
308 Winchester 178-grain BTHP (Boattail Hollow Point) Superformance Match (catalog No.
The other two loads were Hornady's 250-grain BTHP Match and Federal's American Eagle 250-grain JSP Factory velocity figures for them are 2,950 fps and 2,875 fps respectively.
Hornady's 75-grain BTHP Superformance load (2,758 fps) gave us a 0.