BTHPBoat Tail Hollow Point
BTHPBéton à Très Haute Performance (French: Very High Performance Concrete)
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The Hornady 178-grain BTHP Superformance Match round produced a group dispersion of .
We found the second major crosshair from the bottom was sufficient for our 500-yard shooting with either Hornady BTHP match loads or the Black Hills load featuring the 69-grain Sierra MatchKing.
The Hornady 168-grain BTHP and the 175-grain Buffalo Bore Sniper round registered nearly exactly the same velocity in comparison with NATO M852 and NATO M188LR.
178-grain BTHP (Boattail Hollow Point) Superformance Match (catalog number 8077, lot number 3121176) for those who must stretch caliber 7.
I didn't have any of the Hornady ammo on-hand, but did have some "Hunter" ammo from CorBon (180-grain DPX load wife Suzi had used in Africa with great success), some Federal 165-grain Trophy Bonded loads and the always brilliantly accurate Black Hills 168-grain BTHP match load.
The Marines were responsible for requesting Sierra to develop the 175-grain BTHP (Boattail Hollow Point) bullet, as the 168-grain BTHP projectile was designed for 300-meter applications and often goes back through transonic velocity at about 800 meters.
In my rifles 1:9" stabilizes such excellent bullets as the Hornady 75-grain BTHP and Sierra 77-grain MatchKing.
8 Ambush two inches high at 100 yards, a Hornady 110-grain BTHP bullet will be just below zero at 200.
308 Federal 168-grain Match and a small amount of the new Hornady 178-grain BTHP Match Superformance ammunition, which also shot very well.
Simply put, your Sierra 77-grain BTHP bullets may be lousy in every gun except for the one with the 24-inch bull barrel, the 1:8" twist and with the max load of Varget.