BTICBeijing Transportation Information Center (China)
BTICBetter Than Ice Cream (Philippines)
BTICBIOTROP (Regional Centre for Tropical Biology) Training and Information Centre (Indonesia)
BTICBabader Trading Industrial Corp. (Saudi Arabia)
BTICBaggage Tag Issuer Code (aviation)
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We conducted a cross-sectional study on [beta]-thalassemia patients who used BTIC and BMT in Shiraz province (Southern Iran).
SF-36 scores were also compared for BTIC and BMT patients, and multiple linear regression models were used for analyzing the effect of independent variables on 8 dimensions of SF-36.
Furthermore, the frequency of "some or extreme problems" responses to MO, UA, and A/D dimensions was higher in the BTIC group, and respondents with BMT had more problems in SC and P/D.
The results also showed that BMT patients had significantly higher EQ VAS score than BTIC patients (83.
The results indicated that there was no significant difference between BMT and BTIC groups in SC, MO, and UA dimensions.
The support BTIC received from Boubyan Bank (BB) and National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has been instrumental, and has provided the company an advantage in comparison to the new Takaful entrants.
Westport is pleased to be working with BTIC, an industry leader in natural gas storage, to advance the use of natural gas in transportation in China," said Westport president Mike Gallagher.
The therapy worked against classes of glioblastoma BTICs with high levels of those transcription factors while other classes of the cancer did not respond.
Richard Muruve, Arch CEO, said, 'We are quite pleased to see another patent get issued for MetaMx while we continue to work toward the first human trial to target and image BTICs and IGCs in patients with malignant gliomas.
Yong and his team have discovered that the tumour disables microglia, permitting the rapid proliferation of BTICs, which ultimately leads to brain tumour growth.
The firm intends to perform a human trial to characterise the safety and pharmacokinetics of MetaMx and to demonstrate the efficacy of MetaMx to cross the human blood brain barrier and detect BTICs and invasive glioma cells.