BTICBeijing Transportation Information Center (China)
BTICBetter Than Ice Cream (Philippines)
BTICBig Time International Consultant
BTICBIOTROP (Regional Centre for Tropical Biology) Training and Information Centre (Indonesia)
BTICBabader Trading Industrial Corp. (Saudi Arabia)
BTICBaggage Tag Issuer Code (aviation)
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A partir de entao, passou-se a observar, na decada de 1980, a conversao de instalacoes militares para o uso comercial e a reducao do orcamento de defesa, forcando a cooperacao entre empresas militares e civil e a busca por novas fontes de financiamento, sob a justificativa de que o desenvolvimento tecnologico da BTIC seria traduzido, no longo-prazo, em aperfeicoamento da BTID (Cheung, 2008).
Conclusion: Patients in the BMT group experienced higher HRQoL in both physical and mental aspects compared to those in the BTIC group.
The support BTIC received from Boubyan Bank (BB) and National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has been instrumental, and has provided the company an advantage in comparison to the new Takaful entrants.
"Combining BTIC's world-leading manufacturing quality and capability with Westport's automotive LNG expertise will ideally position the new joint venture company to satisfy customer demands in this growing market," said BTIC chairman Wang Pingshen.
But it took an additional year of trial and error before the BTIC frozen yogurt formula was perfected.
(BTIC) of the People's Republic of China to work together to explore business opportunities to develop and market natural gas tanks for the transportation market.
The solution can already be seen at the Atos Business Technology & Innovation Center (BTIC) on the Bezons campus, and will soon be available at the Bollore Group's showroom.
(BTIC) of the People's Republic of China, to work together to explore business opportunities to develop and market natural gas tanks for the transportation market.
Type-II quarters (24 BTI 10 BTIC 6 PUL 4 BNN & 7 ALL) in the section of SSE/W/BTI in c/with replacement of 100 unit type-I old worn out sub standard gang and quarters with type-II quarters on Dhuri a Bathinda a Sriganganagar section under ADEN/Bathinda.
The nanomedicine strategy involves using lipid polymer-based nanoparticles to deliver molecules to the tumors, where the molecules shut down key cancer drivers called brain tumor initiating cells (BTICs).
Richard Muruve, Arch CEO, said, 'We are quite pleased to see another patent get issued for MetaMx while we continue to work toward the first human trial to target and image BTICs and IGCs in patients with malignant gliomas.'