BTIDBattlefield Target Identification
BTIDBuy Term and Invest the Difference (insurance investment strategy)
BTIDBattlefield Target Identification Device
BTIDBrief Therapy Institute of Denver (Colorado)
BTIDBali Turtle Island Development
BTIDBulk Transaction Identifier (Oracle)
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To achieve this, we integrated the BTID technology in a digitized BTID-equipped forward air controller application, a future BTID Transponder Airborne Platform Surveillance System (BTAPSS) application, a BTID cruiser weapons system application, as well as our land forces command and control system," Mifflin said.
Integration with the command and control system also facilitates exploring the potential of the BTID to enhance situational awareness for the land decision maker and to provide additional capacity for coalition interoperable secure voice and data communications.
A system like BTID would have no positive impact on these incidents.
Three countries are developing BTID systems, and they're all different," Banta said.
By more clearly identifying friendly forces, the BTID equipment enabled Robinson's crew to concentrate more sharply on enemy targets, he said.
BTID is based on the Battlefield Combat ID System (BCIS), which was canceled because of cost and questions about interoperability between U.
BTID and RBCI are scheduled to finish testing by 2005.
In those cases, a combat-ID system like BTID or DSID will be the only system that works fast enough.
The UK, US, and French BTIDS systems are interoperable but differ slightly.