BTIFBagram Theater Internment Facility (Bagram Air Base; Afghanistan)
BTIFBusiness Taxpayer Information File
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105) Task Force (TF) Protector, a Military Police brigade, and its subordinate battalion, TF Lone Star, were the units in charge of the care and custody of the detainees during the transition from the BTIF to the DFIP.
In July 2009, CJTF-82 still had control of detention operations and was responsible for implementing the transition from the UECRBs to the DRBs in the BTIF.
126) It was determined that the board for any detainee in the BTIF on 16 September or earlier would be scheduled for six months from the date of their last UECRB, and these detainees would not have a sixty-day initial review under the new DRB system.
By necessity, the individual hearings were scheduled every forty minutes so the BTIF guards had a schedule for the movement of the detainees within the facility.
2007 Review Boards * Deputy G2 (ECRBs) * BTIF MI Bn Bagram Theater Cdr Internment * BTIF MP Bn Facility (BTIF) Cdr * MP Bde Dep Cdr * Legal Advisor Feb.
The BCP was within the old Russian hangar in one building, but the BTIF was actually two facilities enclosed in one space behind walls and concertina wire.
30, 2010 [hereinafter Hill Interview] (The name of the facility changed to the BTIF in the summer of 2005.
Carter's opening line: "Please find enclosed a copy of the policy guidance that the Deputy Secretary of Defense approved on 2 July 2009, modifying the procedures for reviewing the status of aliens detained by the Department of Defense at the [BTIF], and related policy guidance regarding the criteria for assessing the threat such aliens represent, and regarding the authority to transfer and release such aliens from the BTIF.
120) All detainees were not transferred from the BTIF to the DFIP until 16 December 2009.
By 16 December 2009, the last day the BTIF housed detainees, all 753 detainees were transferred from the BTIF to the DFIP.
It is understood that references in the policy to the old BTIF now mean the new DFIP, and the other factor that makes this precise language slightly inapplicable is the fact that JTF 435 now has complete control of detention operations.
On 21 December 2009, the BTIF was closed and all detainees were transferred to the new Detention Facility in Parwan.