BTIFBagram Theater Internment Facility (Bagram Air Base; Afghanistan)
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The Enemy Combatant Review Board became the Unlawful Enemy Combatant Review Board (UECRB), and the board composition decreased from five to three officers: the CJTF Provost Marshal, the BTIF Commander, and the Chief of Interrogations.
The UECRBs met in a room off the main floor in the BTIF to accommodate the detainees, who could now appear at their initial board.
(78) As the UECRB worked its way through the six hundred detainees in the BTIF, the files of all detainees assessed as LLECs were transferred to the DAB.
In July 2009, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Policy provided the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee a six-page unclassified policy letter entitled Detainee Review Procedures at Bagram Theater Internment Facility (BTIF), (95) Afghanistan.
(105) Task Force (TF) Protector, a Military Police brigade, and its subordinate battalion, TF Lone Star, were the units in charge of the care and custody of the detainees during the transition from the BTIF to the DFIP.
In July 2009, CJTF-82 still had control of detention operations and was responsible for implementing the transition from the UECRBs to the DRBs in the BTIF. (120) Captain Andrea Saglimbene, the Detention Operations Attorney for CJTF-82, was responsible for the day-to-day legal advice and coordination for all aspects of the review boards for MP and MI personnel in the BTIF.
Within a few weeks, the BTIF detainees will be transferred to the new $60 million U.S.
On 21 December 2009, the BTIF was closed and all detainees were transferred to the new Detention Facility in Parwan.
For example, C = A + [Alpha]B is used in BTIF; C = [Alpha]AB + [Beta]C is used in BILUK; and other functions are useful, for example, in matrix-vector product and triangular solve operations.
Since the matrix is block tridiagonal, BILUK and BTIF are equivalent.
CPU Time (in seconds) BTIF Preconditioner Solve Total LP_INVERSE 1 1.44 0.15 1.59 LP_DIAG [dagger] 0.01 [dagger] [dagger] LP_APINV0 123 0.52 3.73 4.25 LP_APINVS (5) 64 0.32 1.98 2.30 LP_APINVS (10) 33 1.14 1.08 2.22 Since the local preconditioners have different costs, Tables VIII and IX show the CPU timings (system and user times) for BSSOR (1., 3) and BTIF.
) 983 875 BTIF_LP APINVS(10) 120 050 BTIF_LP APINVS (5) 60 025 The timings show that some combinations of the BTIF global preconditioner with the APINVS local preconditioner are comparable to BILUK(0)-LP_SVD (0.5,0.), but use much less memory, since only the approximate inverses of the pivot blocks need to be stored.