BTJBrigadas Técnicas Juveniles (Spanish: Youth Technical Brigades; youth science organization; Cuba)
BTJBibliothèque de Travail Junior (French children's literature review)
BTJBack to Jerusalem (Christian movement)
BTJBuilding Trades Journeyman
BTJBuried Tunnel Junction
BTJBridgestone Tire Japan Co., Ltd. (Japan)
BTJBaltimore Technologies Japan
BTJBaltic Transport Journal
BTJBending Towards Justice (blog)
BTJBasic Technical Japanese
BTJBrevard Technical Journal
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"Kansantarinat ja folklore fantasian maaperana." Fantasian monet maailmat, edited by Kristian Blomberg, Irma Hirsjarvi, and Urpo Kovala, BTJ Kirjastopalvelu, 2004, pp.
Speakers included Kyosti Makela ("Music in Libraries--From Marginal To Market, From Card Index To Conversion"), Tommi Viitamies ("The State of Music In HelMet Libraries)", Pekka Gronow ("When They No Longer Make CD Players--Music Libraries On The Internet"), Jari Petajaniemi and Tomi Pietila ("BTJ Finland Audio Services With 5.1 Set-Ups for Libraries").
The BTJ (actually, the "T," while placed in the center of the logo, is the final word in the company name, so perhaps it should be "BJT") was offered in .38 Special and, for a short period, 9mm Parabellum.
During the BTJ injury healing, the basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) were two important growth factors that affected injury healing (Lu et al., 2008; Thomopoulos et al., 2005; Wurgler-Hauri et al., 2007).
Third round Hanson bt Snedeker 5 & 3; Wilsonb t D Johnson4&3 ; McIlroy btJ imenez3& 1; Bae btS enden1 up; Kucharb t Kaymer 4&3; Mahan btS tricker4&3; Westwood btW atney3&2; Laird btL awrie3&1.
Olaleyea MT, Rocha BTJ. Acetaminophen-induced liver damage in mice: Effects of some medicinal plants on the oxidative defense system.
Tambien se encuentran asociados a organizaciones para la creacion e innovacion profesional: el 58,2% pertenece a las Brigadas Tecnicas Juveniles (BTJ) y el 22,1% a la Asociacion Nacional de Innovadores y Racionalizadores (Anir).
Premier results: Cynon Valley 143 (22), bt Merthyr Tydfil 94 (0) (Cynon Valley skips first): N Collett 18, btJ Downey 12; G Laing 25, bt L Morgan 20; C Prosser 24, bt J K Evans 18; D Prosser 27, bt C Lewis 19; P Carpenter 26, bt P Toomey 11; M Thomas 23, bt K Stephens 14.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-28 August 2007-G&L Beijer AB acquires hydraulic hoses distributor Slangbolaget BTJ AB(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The BTJ Group, a leading Nordic provider of information services and media products to libraries, booksellers, companies, and institutions, has announced its acquisition of PrioInfo.
Since a J-block B of a path [Pi] and its corresponding state BTJ in [Pi][up arrow]J agree on all atomic propositions in [[union].sub.i[element of]dom(J)] A[P.sub.i], the sequence of truth values assigned to these propositions along the paths [Pi] and [Pi][up arrow]J is the same if we ignore repetitions, i.e., allow stuttering [Browne et al.