BTLAB and T Lymphocyte Attenuator (cells)
BTLABoard of Tax and Land Appeals (New Hampshire)
BTLABoone Tree Library Association (est. 1946; Tennessee and Virginia)
BTLABasal Temporal Language Area
BTLABelvedere-Tiburon Library Agency (est. 1955; Tiburon, CA)
BTLABrooklyn Town Library Association (Brooklyn, CT)
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They referred to the BTLA, which found that "the portion of the total value assigned to each municipality in these appraisals is simply an arithmetic allocation based on historical cost, not the independent opinion of market value of a professional appraiser or assessor" and likened the process to the use of a "black box.
The court also accepts the unitary method applied by the DRA, while upholding rulings by the BTLA that it has been misapplied in particular cases.
He pointed out that the proposed appraisal method mirrored the approach the BTLA rejected in the most recent abatement appeals.
showed that the percentage of BTLA [sup]+ CD4[sup]+ T-cells was higher in healthy volunteers than in septic patients.
BTLA expression contributes to septic morbidity and mortality by inducing innate inflammatory cell dysfunction.
The co-receptor BTLA negatively regulates human V[gamma]9V[delta]2 T-cell proliferation: a potential way of immune escape for lymphoma cells," Blood, vol.