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BTLEBasic Technology Literacy Exam
BTLEBlended Teaching and Learning Environment
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The multiple communications channels make test sufficiently complicated that the game has been used as a BTLE network stress test, but several times Fraser referred to the "thing" (as in Internet of Things) that adds another layer of complexity.
NXP's NFC, Zigbee and BTLE products paired with NXP microcontrollers and security solutions provide customers a complete range of technologies to develop smarter, secure connections in wearables, mobile devices and connected cars.
It will also have WiFi and BTLE capabilities although the 4G LTE capability will be available depending on region and carrier.
Received verbal report from Doug Engelbert, Pharmacy Practice Consultant, Department of Health Services, Bureau of Technology, Licensing and Education (BTLE) who clarified the memo that was issued in January 2009 by BTLE regarding assisted living settings accepting a prescription order issued by an APNP.
oort - the first complete universal wireless Internet of Things BTLE iBeacon system, a technology based upon intelligent connected devices that lets you control the living environment;