BTNABritish Telecommunications North America
BTNABirmingham Talking Newspaper Association (UK)
BTNABombardier Transportation North America (Canada)
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Built for the Web, Extensity Expense Reports is the right solution for BTNA, and has a huge upside potential for us.
As these same market conditions exist in the countries of AT&T's monopolistic partners, BTNA is urging the FCC to investigate the AT&T World Partners/Unisource web of alliances to determine the extent to which those alliances raise the same serious public interest and policy concerns.
27, 1995 -- FCC approves BTNA application to engage in
3 billion, and MCI is acquiring BTNA for $125 million as part of its broad networkMCI strategy.
The BTNA service portfolio is being integrated under MCI's Data Services Division, which is led by J.
The charge will also include other restructuring actions, such as those associated with the MCI Data Services Division in anticipation of the acquisition of BTNA (British Telecom North America), as well as various commercial litigation contingencies.