BTPABulgarian Trade Promotion Agency
BTPABritish Transport Police Authority
BTPABusiness Test Publishers Association
BTPABinaural Transfer Path Analysis
BTPABritish Tractor Pulling Association (UK)
BTPABahay Tuluyan Philippines Australia Inc
BTPABow-Tie Patch Antenna
BTPABuilding Thermal Performance Assessments (Australia)
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I should like to thank Mark Phillips for his contribution during his period as interim chair of the BTPA.
Ron Barclay-Smith has a wealth of experience and will provide vital and strong leadership for the BTPA over the next 4 years, as we invest in the biggest modernisation programme of the railways since Victorian times.
To address these issues, BTPA assigned five staff to the programme to implement a range of services, including trade and market information, databases of Bulgarian companies, an online matchmaking system, trainers, advertising, missions abroad and participation at international trade fairs.
Today, BTPA reports 501 enquiries regarding trade in the target sector and for potential partners.
Hasta dosyalarindan kimlik bilgileri, adres bilgileri, demografik verileri, semptomlari, risk faktorleri, ek hastaliklari, fizik muayeneleri, laboratuvar bulgulari, kan gazi analizleri, postero-anteriyor akciger grafileri, 12 derivasyon elektrokardiyografileri (EKG), ekokardiyografileri (EKO), renkli Doppler ultrasonografi (RDUS, Toshiba SSA, 270A, Tokyo, Japonya) ve BTPA bulgulari ayrintili bir sekilde geriye donuk olarak gozden gecirildi.