BTPAABipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act (Australian law)
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government may contend that the CAFTA definition of "labor laws" merely replicates the BTPAA standards.
162) Although the NAALC was passed in 1994, eight years before the BTPAA, it was passed subsequent to the establishment of the GSP in 1984, after which the BTPAA was modeled.
Second, the wording of the BTPAA establishes minimums and parameters.
Under the BTPAA, FTAs increasingly require countries to enforce their own labor laws.
The BTPAA, as discussed in Part IV, charges the Executive with "promot[ing] respect for worker rights and the rights of children consistent with core labor standards of the ILO (as defined in Section 3813(6) of this title).
approach in the BTPAA with respect to ongoing FTA negotiations with