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BTPSBody Temperature and Pressure Saturated
BTPSBody Temperature, Ambient Pressure
BTPSBukit Timah Primary School (Singapore)
BTPSBarauni Thermal Power Station (India)
BTPSBongaigaon Thermal Power Station (India)
BTPSBachelor of Technical/Professional Studies
BTPSBusy Tone Priority Scheduling
BTPSBinaural Transfer Path Synthesis
BTPSBobrow Test Preparation Services
BTPSBusiness Transaction Processing System
BTPSBritish Telecommunications Pension Scheme
BTPSBusiness Technology and Payment Solutions (Kalamazoo, MI)
BTPSBuffalo Trail Public Schools (Canada)
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The team members will visit the BTPS site on August 7 for assessing the feasibility of the project proposal, said BSEB spokesman H R Pandey.
The land and water required for the project are already available at the BTPS.
GTPS and BTPS were prepared as follows: The mixtures were manually fed into the single-screw plastic extruder SJ-25(s) (screw ratio L/D = 25:1, Beijing Plastic Industry Combine Corporation, Beijing, China) with a screw speed of 30 rpm The temperature profile along the extruder barrel was 130[degrees]C, 140[degrees]C, 145[degrees]C, and 140[degrees]C (from feed zone to die).
The GTPS and BTPS samples were pressured to transparent slices at 10 MPa and 100[degrees]C using the Flat Sulfuration Machine (a compression molder).
Pea starch and the fracture surfaces of the BTPS samples were investigated with the scanning electron microscope Phillips XL-3 (FEI Company, Hillsboro, OR), operating at an acceleration voltage of 20 kV.
The conditioned BTPS samples were cryofrac-tured in liquid nitrogen.
The extruded BTPS strips were pressed to slices with a flat sulfuration machine (Beijing Plastic Machinery Factory) and the slices were placed in a sample holder for X-ray diffractometry.
Measurement of Water Contents of New GTPS, New BTPS, and Plasticizers
Hermes is the advisor and principle investment manager for the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) and BTPS is also the 100% owner of Hermes.