BTRMBursa Transporturilor Rutiere de Marfuri (Romanian freight shipping exchange)
BTRMBusiness Term
BTRMBallistic Transport and Reaction Model
BTRMBinary Transformation Model
BTRMBlaster the Rocket Man (underground Christian punk band)
BTRMBattery Thermal Runaway Management
BTRMBasic Translations Maintenance
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The versatile BTRM also can be configured to monitor and provide remote alerts for other types of conditions, such as a door alarm or the status of various systems.
By delivering a factory-direct, customizable turnkey system, Ventev Outdoor Enclosure Systems with BTRM reduce issues in the field, allow for faster deployments, lower installation time, and reduce maintenance and capital expenses, said Jeff Lime, Vice President of Ventev Wireless Infrastructure.
Coconut husk was obtained from a local farmers at Tronoh, and was milled and ground to the size of 1 mm or less by using type BTRM Model 1A, after milling the sample was placed in the air tight containers for later use.