BTRPBiological Threat Reduction Program
BTRPBachelor of Town and Regional Planning
BTRPBasic Technology Research Programme (UK)
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performance was lower at Barberton Mines, the BTRP plant's
was incurred on the BTRP during the period (2013: ZAR35.
Electricity costs excluding the BTRP increased by 6.
was mainly due to additional insurance costs in relation to the BTRP.
The BTRP construction was completed in the prior financial year and
to mining costs as well as the incorporation of BTRP costs of
ZAR344,826/kg), primarily due to completion of the BTRP construction
Mine's acquisition and the commissioning of the new BTRP have
construction of the BTRP and Evander shaft deepening project.
Construction of the BTRP on a site adjoining the Bramber TSF began
The forecast schedule of the BTRP Project is summarised below:
The life of the BTRP project has been augmented by auger drilling on an additional 6Mt of tailings at the Harper dumps (at Fairview) and the Consort Tailings dam, extending the Life of Project from three to ten years.