BTSABeginning Teacher Support and Assessment
BTSABrevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole (French agricultural certification)
BTSABonus to Selling Agent
BTSABackpacker Tourism South Africa
BTSABenziger Thinking Styles Assessment
BTSABusiness Technical Service Assurance (Sprint)
BTSABehind the Scenes Adventures (tour operator)
BTSASeaman Apprentice, Boiler Technician Striker (USN Rating)
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Hip-hop group BTSA (Bangtan Boys)A is taking an extended break from performing to enjoy a period of relaxation and a brief experience of ordinary young lives, their agency Big Hit Entertainment announced.
An important context for this study is a substantial change in state policy regarding the funding of BTSA programs.
Also, 2-benzothiazolylthiosuccinic acid (BTSA) is well known as an organic corrosion inhibitor used in organic coatings.
En el BTsC se registro la menor riqueza (S = 17) y abundancia (14,63%), mientras que el BTsA y Pastizal obtuvieron la mayor riqueza (S = 20) y abundancia (39,24% y 46,11% respectivamente) (Tabla 1).
year for a preliminary credential) and BTSA for another two years would
The general secretary of the Balkan Turks Solidarity Association (BTSA) proudly told us, for example, that they had been the ones to convince the state authorities to give the immigrants three-month resident permits in return for voting in the Bulgarian general election in 2001.
New teacher programs include induction programs, such as California's Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA), and mentoring.
This report describes induction programs that work, including California's Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) project.
National Board for Professional California Standards for the Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Teaching Profession (BTSA & CFASST) Core Proposition #1 Teaching Standard #1 Teachers are committed to Teachers engage and support students and their learning, all students' in learning.
A Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Program was established by the California senate in 1992 (Yopp & Young, 1999).
Of course, the best answer is two-pronged: fantastic college prep and dynamic first-year support, in California called BTSA, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment.
A similar situation can be observed in Bodman's 1980 "Proto-Chinese and Sino-Tibetan." The following examples are taken from these two works: Chiehyunn form Written Tibetan pju 'man, male' pha 'father' mju 'negative' ma 'id.' nzju: 'milk, breast' nu-ma 'breast' kjeu: 'nine' dgu 'id.' tsji: 'child' btsa 'give birth' bjen 'poor' dbul 'id.' ngjen 'silver' dngul 'id.' khjep 'weep' khrab-khrab 'weeper' tsjek 'weave' 'thag-pa 'id.' ljuk 'six' drug 'id.'