BTSABeginning Teacher Support and Assessment
BTSABrevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole (French agricultural certification)
BTSABonus to Selling Agent
BTSABackpacker Tourism South Africa
BTSABenziger Thinking Styles Assessment
BTSABehind the Scenes Adventures (tour operator)
BTSASeaman Apprentice, Boiler Technician Striker (USN Rating)
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Re-examination of BTSA, for many participants felt this program
The project cost $6,606 per teacher: the district paid $2,300, the state supplied $3,665 as part of the BTSA program, and the beginning and mentor teachers and principals contributed the equivalent of $640 in total in personal time to participate in after-school meetings.
The BTSA program started in 1988 after a previous pilot program was implemented, said Lorna Winter, a consultant with the state Education Department.
3 Natural Vitamin E Tocopherol Manufacturers Advanced Organic Material SA (Argentina) Archer Daniels Midland Company (United States) BASF Corporation (United States) BTSA - Biotechnologias Aplicados SA (Spain) COFCO Tech Bioengineering (Tianjin) Co Ltd (China) DSM Nutritional Products, LLC/Cargill Inc (United States) Eisai Food & Chemical Co Ltd (Japan) Fenchem Biotek Ltd (China) Jiangsu Spring Fruit (JSF) Biological Products Co Ltd (China) Riken Vitamin Co Ltd (Japan) Vitae Naturals (Formerly Vitae Caps SA)(Spain) Zhejiang Medicine Co Ltd (China) Zhejiang Worldbestve Biotechnology Co Ltd (China) 4.
Enhance our CCTE conferences through participation of teacher education students, undergraduate and graduate students, and BTSA teachers.
A score of one "doesn't meet expectations" is failing; two "meets expectations" represents passing at a competent level; three "meets expectations at a high level"; four "exceeds expectations" and has been informally described by local BTSA partners as representing the expectation for performance following the induction period.
From BTSA to induction: The changing role of school districts in teacher credentialing.
Data collection included review of state policies related to induction, evaluation, tenure, and clear credentialing for beginning teachers; interviews with state education policy officials; visits to eight case study sites and interviews with beginning teachers, BTSA support providers, principals, and district officials; and collection and analysis of a sample of redacted BTSA and evaluation files.
We have always encouraged school-based teacher educators to join us, and in the last five years we have made major inroads in ensuring the on-going and active participation, in particular, from the BTSA and induction community, and community college teacher educators.
Cancy McArn is the interim director of human resource services and the BTSA induction/intern support program leader with the Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento, California.
I met the Executive Producer of "Freedom Machines," Janet Cole, in late 2006, when she came to California State University, East Bay to show the film to a group of professors and members of BTSA Induction consortia.