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BTSBBlood Transfusion Services Board
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The best-known of these, Donegal woman Brigid McCole took a High Court case against the State and the BTSB with the intention of forcing full disclosure.
However the State and the BTSB opposed her every step of the way, even as she lay on her deathbed.
SCANDAL BTSB office at Pelican House GUILTY Marina Sourovtzeva FRONT LINE Armed police speak out FURY Lucy and Mandy lock horns in the Queen Vic
Just two weeks before she died the BTSB admitted liability and negligence and apologised for infecting her but threatened that if she were to proceed with a case for damages and not succeed they would pursue her for costs.
Within a week of her death her family were back in the High Court to hear the BTSB apologise publicly.
Earlier this month, awards at the Government's BTSB Tribunal cost the exchequer almost pounds 335 million.
I pushed my shock aside and made my way to the BTSB headquarters to ask my questions.
Mrs Healy was given anti-D at the birth of a daughter in 1977 from a batch of blood product manufactured by the BTSB, which tested positive for Hepatitis C.
Mrs Healy, of North Dublin, is suing the BTSB, the Minister for Health and the State.
The Tribunal has already heard that Dr Jack O'Riordon, national director of the BTSB, was opposed to concentrates as they were made from the blood of "skid row" types in the US.
Time and time again the Government has distanced itself from the antics of the BTSB, claiming that it is a separate body.
The BTSB glibly described the infection of hundreds of Irish women with Hepatitis C as a mistake.