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where: BTSL - benchmarked traffic safety level; TVIi transformed value od indicator i; wi - weight of indicator i.
As could be seen, the maximum value of BTSL is 1, and the minimum is 0, where a higher value points to a higher safety.
For a calculated BTSL, according to form (9), traffic safety scale would be:
* BTSL [greater than or equal to] 0.9 - very highly safe territory;
* 0.7 [less than or equal to] BTSL < 0.9 - highly safe territory;
* 0.3 [less than or equal to] BTSL < 0.7 - medium safe territory;
* 0.1 [less than or equal to] BTSL < 0.3 - low safety territory;
Example of BTSL calculation for Beograd: according to proposed BTSL method calculation process is as follows: Annual number of traffic accidents fatalities per 100000000 vehicle kilometers (DTR) is 5, that means the transformed value of the indicator is 0.2 (1:5).
Considering the values of BTSL it is possible to rank the selected cities (column 'rank' in Table 7), and it is also possible to define a state of traffic safety in the selected cities (column 'state of BTSL').
Therefore, using the BTSL method points to the conclusion that only the cities of Belgrade and Ljubljana are medium safe, and all the rest of the cities have a low degree of traffic safety.
The model for Benchmarking Traffic Safety Level (BTSL) for the territory, presented in this paper, includes several steps: the selection of indicators, the transformation of indicator values, the assignment of weight factors and the aggregation into a single numerical value.
The results obtained through the implementation of BTSL method for the rating of traffic safety levels, facilitate the rating of traffic safety levels but also the comparison and monitoring of traffic safety levels in different territories, as well as tracking the effects of implemented measures.