BTSRBaptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (Virginia)
BTSRBroadcast Training and Skills Regulator (est. 2005; London, England, UK)
BTSRBuffalo Trails Scout Ranch (Midland, TX)
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In Block's experience at BTSR, it is more of a process whereby the individual has to outline where he is with his business objective.
Kelley's tenure at BTSR was unfortunately very short.
Knitting and Hosiery Machinery Manufacturers: Santoni, Lonati, CHEMTAX, BTSR, Colosio, Cixing, Aurora, L.
Trio-Loop comes with the BTSR Matrixcube unwinding tension controlled creel systems, which allow for more accurate controlled stretch in hygiene products.
Thanks to Matrixcube and Trio-Loop technology, BTSR contributes in helping hygiene operators to improve production quality and stable continuous running on the diaper line minimizing stops which assist in increasing efficiency and reducing expensive downtime," Barea adds.
The R and D department of BTSR has designed a Rolling Feeder, which represents a breakthrough innovation devised to enhance the efficiency of seamless and knitting sectors and the subsequent trends tied to bare elastomers applications.
Based on derule yarn reeling-off working concept, ROLLING FEEDER is a unique solution on the market, thanks to its capability to combine in a single device the flexibility and user-friendly use of BTSR Constant Tension Feeding Technology with the top-quality product standards resulting from bare elastomeric yarns feeding at constant LFA/speed (BTSR(r) Patent).
Apart from the above Chinese exhibitors, overseas exhibitors such as Switzerland's Santex, Italy's BTSR will showcase below new products.
Three Wood has also upgraded its baby pants machine, equipped with the Italian BTSR elastic unwinding system with constant tension control for each ribbon.