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HUCKLE, Multigrid methods for anisotropic BTTB systems, Linear Algebra Appl., 417 (2006), pp.
Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), a provider of wireless equipment and services, announced on Monday (8 May) that its digital microwave radios will play a key role in the network expansion of Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board (BTTB), a provider of telecomms services in Bangladesh.
This is one sector that has expanded very rapidly across a broad spectrum of society; in particular, the business community has been able to satisfy its demand for telephones previously unmet by the BTTB. Indeed, the number of mobile subscribers has almost reached 1,000,000.
Court 'A': 8am: Agila vs Z Al Zayani Investment's Spikers (women); 9.15am: BTTB Charz vs Malidtaz of Saeed Fakhr Trading (women); 10.30am: Lady Ball Busters vs Wazalac Dabarkadz (women).
In the 2D-case we consider Block Toeplitz matrices with Toeplitz blocks (BTTB matrices) related to a function of the form
Women: 8am, Batelco-Metrobank Lady Warriors vs Malditaz of Saeed Fakhr Trading; 9.15am, Fil-Am vs Agila Team; 10.30am, Lovely Salon vs Lady Ball Busters and Al Zayani Investment Spikers vs BTTB Charz.
BTTB's Faisal Salman scored a 233 high game, while his colleague Medel Salazar scored a 609 high series.
FINAL STANDINGS (in order of wins, losses, overall pins): 1 Muharraq Engineering (33, 3, 26,523); 2 BFB (30, 6, 25,532); 3 BTTB (24, 12, 25,559); 4 Eastern Precast Company (21, 15, 24,204); 5 Kenda Tyres (19, 17, 23,729); 6 Farmville (17, 19, 21,486); 7 Standard Chartered Bank (14, 22, 24,141); 8 Forex (11, 25, 23,299); 9 Al Maawdah (11, 25, 26,243).
Farmville beat Al Maawdah 3-1 (2,625-2,514); Forex were held to a 2-2 (2,576-2,739) draw by Standard Chartered Bank and BTTB scored a 2,406 team total in the other matches.
The result took their season total to 47 victories in first place, as they ended with a two-win lead over closest rivals BTTB Travel.
Jojo Cruz played a valiant 542 to pace BTTB, who won the third and final game by 52 pins to salvage some points from the match.
In other matches, Ynnah beat Team Egay 3-1 (2,714-2,439), BTTB Travel beat a no show Team JM 4-0 (2,780-0), and EMIB salvaged a 2-2 draw with Gharib Engineering (2,801-2,773).