BTV1Bluetongue virus serotype 1
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All farmers can protect their livestock against the BTV8 strain, but there is no vaccine approved for use in the UK against BTV1.
With that in mind why have they decided to push through the licenses for vaccines against BTV1 without issuing the tender for any suppliers?
The five imported animals were suffering from the BTV1 type of the disease and were destroyed.
They had been vaccinated but there is not yet a licensed vaccine that is effective against the BTV1 strain of the disease.
But there were more than 22,000 cases in France during 2008, and the BTV1 strain also appeared for the first time.
France has now declared the whole country a Protection Zone for BTV1, in addition to the PZ for BTV8, which was also declared in Wales earlier this year.
NSA believes that in the absence of vaccine and with no BTV1 virus known to be circulating, halting imports into the UK from bluetongue areas is the only sensible and responsible thing to do, even if it is not in line with the wishes of the EU Commission or obeying the current regulation.
Defra said there was no evidence that BTV1 was circulating in the UK and no extra control zones have been declared.
Vaccine to protect against the BTV8 strain has been available throughout Wales since the beginning of September, but it is ineffective against BTV1 or BTV6.
French authorities have recently reported 10 new cases of BTV, nine are BTV1 and one is BTV8.
At June 30, French authorities had reported 10 new cases of BTV, nine are BTV1 and one is BTV8.
As BTV8 is now endemic on much of the continent, and BTV1 and other strains are present in large areas in southern Europe, this represents a significant risk for Wales, " said Mr Vaughan.