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BTXBildschirmtext (DATEX-J)
BTXBrazilian Therapy Xtreme (Beauty Cosmetica, LLC)
BTXBalanced Technology Extended (Intel Corporation motherboard form factor)
BTXBalanced Technology Extended
BTXBit Test Instructions
BTXBenzene, Toluene, Xylene
BTXBiotime, Inc. (stock symbol)
BTXBoat Exchange
BTXBotulinum Toxine
BTXBroadcast Videotext
BTXBinary Tree of Xor Gates
BTXBusiness Telephone eXchange, Inc.
BTXBattalion Training Exercise
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As a global provider of shipping and logistics services that started as a pioneer in the freight-forwarding industry in the 1980's, BTX Global Logistics understands the importance of airplanes, aviation and aerospace in today's world.
The company's former ticker symbol "BTX" will remain effective through market close as of August 9, 2019.
Gokongwei added that at present, the company is exporting its pygas to other countries since it doesn't have a butadiene and BTX factory.
Gokongwei explained that, "right now, we don't have a butadine and BTX factory.
BTX is a neurotoxin protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and seven serotypes have been identified (A-G) until today.
Michelle Ng, PhD, is Global Product Manager of BTX, a Harvard Bioscience company.
Volatile aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX) are used in wide range of industries, can present in environment and explosion dangers.
(NYSE American: BTX), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focussed on degenerative diseases, confirmed the deal.
Mean serum TNF-[alpha] levels in study groups Group TNF-[alpha] (pg/mL) Healthy reference 6898.8571 MIA 16828,0000 MIA+BTX-A 10976,0000 MIA+0.9% NaCl soluti on 10813,0000 Healthy animal (0.9% NaCl solution) 7418.8571 MIA: Monosodyum iyodoasetat; BTX A: Botulinum toksin a; Nacl: Sodium chloride; TNF-a: Tumor necrosis factor alpha Table 2.
In patients of advanced age, heart disease and compromised respiratory function often coexisted, but the need for reduced dosages of BTX in older patients or their vulnerability to its side effects has not been addressed.
Capped at $40 million, BANKEX will sell BTX tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 500 BTX.
Medytox, Korea's largest maker of botulinum toxin (BTX), will file a civil lawsuit here against Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, accusing the latter of stealing its strain of the toxin, the company said Wednesday.