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BTHBathroom (real estate)
BTHBlekinge Tekniska Högskola
BTHBlack Tar Heroin (narcotic drug)
BTHBottomless Trap Hole (cards)
BTHBlue Tooth
BTHBase Transport Header
BTHBath Tissue Holder (various companies)
BTHBachelor of Theology (degree)
BTHBanyan Tree Holdings (various locations)
BTHBeyond The Horizon
BTHBreaking the Habit (Linkin Park song)
BTHBusiness, Transportation & Housing (California)
BTHBritish Thompson-Houston (tram)
BTHBravez Team Hyphy (rap group)
BTHBury the Hatchet (Cranberries album)
BTHBelow the Horizon
BTHBharat Tourist Home (India)
BTHBrevet de Technicien Hôtelier (French: Hotelier Technician Certificate)
BTHBureau Thierry Havelange (French; Belgian finance agency)
BTHBureau Technique de l'Habitat (French construction company)
BTHBrown Trunk Height (landscaping, palm tree height)
BTHBritish Thermal Units per Hour
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In children, the differential diagnosis of increased ALP should include bone diseases (such as rickets, osteomalacia, recovery period in fractures, juvenile Paget disease, and bone tumors), hepatic diseases (e.g., cholestasis, malignancy), renal diseases (e.g., chronic renal failure, renal tubular acidosis and tubulopathies), drug use (e.g., cotrimoxazole and antiepileptics) or BTH (3).
Cities in the greater BTH region have consistently been reported to have the highest concentration of particulate matter and other air pollutants, following decades of emissions from pollution-intensive industries in the area, as well as the region's heavy reliance on coal for energy generation.
Daily satellite observations were retrieved with the given longitude and latitude for China and BTH region, as shown in Figure 2, to gain insight into the distribution of S[O.sub.2] columns in the BTH region.
In this work, black top-hat (BTH) morphological operator is used.
No shares of BRE, BNL or BTH were liquidated in connection with this transaction.
If the Syrian Bth Party does not take the political option today and turns down Russia's offer, it is only because of the Iranian regime.
The G lobe United States officials believed the former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, to have posed an obvious threat to the Iraqi people, pointing to Iraq?s war against Iran in the 1980s, the Gulf War in the 1990s, the mass killing of civilians and the strangling of rival Bth rivals.
of expe BTh Tmbr bth tto tmm Benefit Brighter and Badder, PS19.50 This combination of mascara and instant eye brightener is just the thing to bring your eyes life like Anne's.
Syria: A Human Flood from the Bth State Read my latest piece for Syria Deeply A Human Flood from the Bth State about the rural/urban divide in Syria and its impact on the uprising.
The blast rocked a busy intersection grouping a mosque and the Bth party headquarters located at the outskirts of the central al-Mazr district and adjacent to al-Thawra Street, witnesses told Xinhua.
In Syria, will the people topple their Bth mentality after toppling the Bth regime?