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BUANBaseline Upper Air Network
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He said the next generation of Botswana farmers would have new tools and opportunities because BUAN was the first in the nation to offer agricultural programmes that could contribute towards precision agriculture.
This is the second time that the prosecution panel asked Buan to recuse from the case.
The motion was filed after Buan denied the petition filed on May 23.
Buan from continuing to hear these cases in her sala since in issuing the Order dated April 24, 2019 without considering all the facts laid down by the People's witnesses, the People have utterly lost their trust and confidence that the Presiding Judge can still continue to handle the instant cases with fairness and impartiality," read the omnibus motion.
The addition of Buan Consulting and creation of a Salesforce practice complements Spaulding Ridge's growing capabilities and further actualizes the organization's strategy and commitment to providing best-in-cloud solutions across all business functions.
Two baristas from Black Dosecoffee (a Qatari start up business), Jay Buan and Jovan Lantion, saidthey have been very busy in the past week serving hundreds, if not,thousands of coffee lovers at the festival.
Noel Buan was turned over to government authorities headed by Sen.
The Assistant Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr Kostantino Markus says Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) staff were offered and released either on voluntary early exit or involuntary exit in the new organisational structure.
In a 12-page motion, Department of Justice prosecutors Juan Pedro Navera, Olivia Laroza-Torrevillas and Ethel Rea Suril said Regional Trial Court Branch 56 Judge Irin Zenaida Buan could not continue to handle the cases with fairness and impartiality after she allowed the alleged mastermind, Col.
In an Omnibus motion filed on Thursday, Presiding Judge Irin Zenaida Buan of the Regional Trial Court Branch 56 in Angeles City was asked to inhibit because she allegedly failed to discharge her function when she allowed Police Colonel Rafael Dumlao, the alleged brains of the kidnap-slay incident, to post bail.