BUB3Budding Uninhibited by Benzimidazoles 3
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As shown in Figure 2(e), the expression of the YWHAG, WEE1, PSMB1, CDKNA1, and BUB3 mRNAs is not affected by DICER ablation.
(e) Microarray analysis (GEO dataset GSE6427) of the CDKNA1, PSMB1, WEE1, BUB3, and YWHAG mRNA expression in parental HCT116 and HCT116 [Dicer.sup.Ex5] subclone.
Bousbaa, "The human spindle assembly checkpoint protein Bub3 is required for the establishment of efficient kinetochore-microtubule attachments," Molecular Biology of the Cell, vol.
From the original gene expression profiles we can see that ZFP207, as a TF, was increased gradually in the process of the deterioration of AD; by contrast, the gene expression of BUB3, COPA, POLR2E, and ZBZB20 was decreased gradually.
Moreover, many target genes in our dynamic regulatory networks, such as CK1alphaLS, CLIP1, TUBB, ENO1, CsNk1D, BUB3 CSNK1A1, and SFPQ, were also related to cell growth [49, 50].