BUBSBandar Utama Buddhist Society (Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)
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A workingman would come in, feeling cheerful after his day's work was over, and it would trouble him to have to take his glass with such a sight under his nose; and so he would call out: "Hello, Bub, what's the matter?
For obvious reasons the band included Bubs, and Who mega-stars Keith Moon and John Entwhistle.
It's usually their favorite." No wonder some freshmen who try out for the Bubs mention that the group was a big reason they chose Tufts University.
- Draw for Sunday's finals:- 916m: 1 Rosedale Annie, 2 Swhimaskiz, 3 Stamford Blue, 4 Parkwest Euro, 5 Ace Reaction (m), 6 Bubs Delight (w).
But the effort - which raised the roof of the Champ de Mars racecourse as Bubs had been banker material for many of the locals - failed to clinch the title for the Irishman as Chris Munce snatched the trophy for Australia with two victories.
That's how he got his name, Bubs, short for Bubbles.
Put the bubs in the freezer and let them freeze overnight.
Fletcher said: "Bubs has been an unbelievably good player and a fantastic servant to the club.
"The song was only done to send to the likes of Bob Brolly," admits Bubs. "But it seems to have escaped and taken on a life of its own, and we are getting a lot of interest from various quarters, so we are just running with it."
Any unscheduled downtime at Bubs godis has the potential to cause the plant operators a major problem.
The Bubs is the popular name for the Tufts University male singing group The Beelzebubs.