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In BUCL, the majority of ASMs deployed are within schools with Wi-Fi networks installed, so transmission of data to the BUCL server occurs without any extra charges.
The metadata are stored in a MySQL database and subsequently combined with BUCL datasets.
BUCL data management, devised based on existing guidelines, peer-reviewed literature, and personal experiences, is designed to ensure data quality and integrity.
The cost of installation and upkeep of UMNs such as BUCL is not insignificant: dedicated technicians, maintenance, and running cost (e.
Overall, the AWS test bed is the robust mainstay of BUCL with its clearly numerous applications.
Identifying potential end users and applications of meteorological data from Birmingham is therefore critical for BUCL and was the key aim of a 3-month scoping project called "Sustainable urban meteorological networks (SUMNs): Managing the legacy of the Birmingham Urban Climate Laboratory," which was undertaken between July and September 2013.
2013; see "Preliminary BUCL results: Exploring the UHI" sidebar) and other urban atmospheric phenomenon (e.
3) Educational resource: The network data can also be used in schools: for example, BUCL data and resources are directly distributed to Birmingham-based schools, and form part of the IoT project Demonstrating the Internet of School Things--A National Collaborative Experience (DISTANCE), which encourages the use of technology and data sharing in schools (www.
4) Climate change: In the future it is hoped that long-term UMNs data such as BUCL can be used to provide high-spatiotemporal-resolution data for accessing the possible impacts of climate change in urban areas (e.