BUCTUBombay University and College Teachers' Union (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
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For instance: Egypt In Africa Mesopo tamia Mero e the nile silica glass and brittle Sa hara, Tim buctu, Gao the hills of Ahafo, winds of the Niger, Kumasi and Kiver down the coiled Congo and down that black river -- ("Rights of Passage", III, 35)
These processes are both benign and brutal, celebrations and betrayals; Brathwaite recognizes that Africa has a history both as glorious and as compromised as that of the rest of humankind: "Out / of this / bright / sun, this / white plaque / of heaven, / this leaven- / ing heat / of the seven / kingdoms: / Songhai, Mali, / Chad, Ghana, / Tim- / buctu, Volta, / and the bitter / waste / that was Ben- / in, comes / this shout / comes / this song" (90).